“The secret of getting
ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain, Author

Even as a seasoned communicator, it’s not easy to explain coaching in a way that is meaningful to someone who has never experienced it. While accurate, textbook definitions of coaching can be hard to grasp and tend to focus mainly on what coaching is not (i.e., therapy, counseling, mentoring).

What coaching is, in my view, is a powerful journey of self-discovery – complete with an
action plan.

You, and only you, have the ability to create real, lasting change in your own life. Still, there’s no shortage of people, self-help books, and so-called experts eager to tell you what to do. But I think that sells you short.

No one knows your inner aspirations, yearnings, obstacles and even hang-ups quite like you do. And you alone hold the keys to achieving your full potential. But sometimes it can be challenging to see it all clearly.

That’s where I come in.

As your coach, by walking on a journey of discovery, we’ll uncover the path that is uniquely yours. Because coaching is truly all about you. It is a time where you are center stage in a safe, comfortable environment. You can talk, vent, dream, problem-solve, and explore yourself and your real-life situations. It is your time, spent your way … to find your ah-has, your answers, your path forward.

My role is to walk with you along this journey – listening closely, asking questions, making observations and comments, and supporting you along the way.

I believe – and my clients have confirmedcoaching is the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself. It’s not a fad, not a quick fix, not a cure – just you living up to your potential and living out your aspirations.
Here’s a more concrete, step-by-step look at how coaching works.

“Amy helped me break through significant barriers to my success. Through our work together, I have fundamentally shifted the way I see myself and the trajectory of my career. It has been a life-changer. Hiring Amy as my coach has been the best investment I’ve ever made in ME.”

Becky, Communications Consultant
New York