“Kind words can be
short and easy to speak,
but their echoes
are truly endless.”

Mother Teresa, Missionary

“Kind words can be
short and easy to speak,
but their echoes
are truly endless.”

Mother Teresa, Missionary

Here are a few personal testimonials from my clients in coaching, communications, and consulting.


“Amy helped me break through significant barriers to my success. Through our work together, I have fundamentally shifted the way I see myself and the trajectory of my career. It has been a life-changer. Hiring Amy as my coach has been the best investment I’ve ever made in ME.”

Becky, Communications Consultant
New York

“As a coach, Amy has a way of simultaneously making me feel comfortable to explore anything in my business, while at the same time challenging me to think beyond what I might believe is possible. She’s my valued “thinking partner.” Amy not only coaches top leaders in business, she has enjoyed an impressive career herself. And that’s important to me. She gets what I’m working toward and what I’m up against. To top it off, Amy is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. My success is clearly amplified by Amy’s coaching. I highly recommend her to you.”

David J. Pollay, Best-selling author of The Law of the Garbage Truck and The 3 Promises
Palm Beach, FL

“I wanted to hire a coach for a while, but never knew where to start or when I’d find time to fit it in. Enter Amy and Brightways. First and foremost, she’s been there and she gets it. Amy fosters self-discovery by listening deeply and asking insightful questions. Our time together has helped me make progress on both closer-in and farther-out goals. Amy’s coaching has been a wise investment, and one I regularly recommend to others.”

Catherine, Director-External Relations

“Amy is the single space on my calendar that allows me to think about my own growth, what holds me back, what I truly want, and what it will take for me to move forward. It used to be difficult to carve out that time for myself because I spent all my time helping others materialize their objectives. I’ve been working with her for close to 8 months now, and I love it. I’m moving myself and my company forward – finally!”

Lindsay, Marketing Entrepreneur
St. Louis

“Amy helped me through a huge career change as I sought new opportunities. Her background in communications, HR, and management were critical in helping me approach this change strategically. Amy’s coaching provided me with a level of self-realization that could not have been accomplished through conversations with a mentor or friends.”

Marissa, PR Professional
Tampa Bay

“Being at the midpoint of my career, Amy helped me realized that I only halfway knew myself. Her direct questions, honest insights, and depth of corporate experiences helped me better understand myself and, ultimately, improve my performance and advance my career. Her coaching transcends industries, job categories, and career stages. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to take a next step, make a meaningful change, or determine a successful path forward.”

Dan, Investment Professional

“As a busy working mom, I was overly stressed and overwhelmed at work. Through coaching, Amy helped me develop strategies that were extremely successful at work AND could be applied in my personal life, which greatly increased the joy I felt every day. By learning to identify and focus my energy on the things essential to my happiness, Amy’s coaching literally changed my life. I have never felt this optimistic and confident about my ability to tackle any challenge that may come my way at work or at home.”

Kathy, IT professional
St. Louis


“Amy is the best communication professional I have ever worked with. She handles herself with poise, tenacity, and action. She brings a business-savvy approach to strategic communications that positively engenders confidence with the board of directors, executive management, and employees. Besides being a great professional, she is also a great evaluator, sponsor, and mentor of communications talent.”

Eric, President & CEO
St. Louis

“Amy led many major employee communications programs on behalf of a Fortune 15 company. She offered sound strategic counsel on all areas of my business. Amy has excellent judgment, great ideas, the ability to ‘think out of the box,’ a gift for listening, and an uncanny ability to ask key questions that help drive solutions. In addition, her ability to connect with others is second to none.”

Gail, Retired Corporate Officer

“The moment you meet Amy, you realize what an extraordinary talent she is. Amy is a highly experienced marketing and communication expert. These abilities combined with her coaching experience, make her a perfect hire for professional coaches looking to successfully market their practice.”

Elsa, Professional Coach

“In addition to being a valuable and clear-thinking confidante, Amy brings a fresh perspective to every project. Her strategic orientation and change management skills took communications programs to the next level. She has a gift for understanding each person’s perspective – from senior leadership to the front lines.”

Jay, Partner-Global Consulting Firm


“Amy is driven, positive, smart, intelligent, compassionate and strong. Oh, and crazy nice. She is a leader who leads. Because of her varied experience, she brings a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ perspective to the table, with the ability to tap into multiple tools of deep experience she has collected, and polished, over her career.”

Tom, Sr. Partner
St. Louis

“Amy is one of the most talented professionals I know. She helped our non-profit organization develop a new brand identity. The results were wonderful, powerful, and well received. I highly recommend Amy for her expertise in branding, executive coaching, strategic leadership, and leadership development. Working with Amy is a joy and leads to better performance.”

Mary, Executive Director
St. Louis

“Amy is a leader of leaders. She consistently demonstrates her ability to guide large teams with integrity and to deliver superior results. Amy is someone people trust, admire, and turn to for strategy and advice. She has enormous breadth of business, management, leadership, and consulting experience.”

Kathie, Innovation Consultant
St. Louis


What’s Behind the BrightWays Logo?

The inspiration for BrightWays’ logo is a firefly. It symbolizes illumination – the power within. If you look carefully, you’ll see the firefly is constructed using the letters B and W.