“The secret of getting
ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain, Author

If the definition of coaching is a bit nebulous, the process I apply to coaching should help firm up the concept with some concrete steps. I meet with my clients regularly for up to 60 minutes, by phone or in-person to:

    1. Clearly define your goals
    2. We may crystalize what you already know – or decode what you don’t – to figure out what you want to achieve. Sometimes, we start with one goal and, through our work together, it evolves into something else. That’s all part of the journey.

    3. Identify The Underlying Factors Related to Your Goals

      It would be nice if there were a straight line to success, but that’s rarely the case. We will partner to pinpoint the opportunities, challenges, emotions, relationships, politics, and obstacles that factor into your specific situation.

    4. Explore your answers to powerful questions

      We sort through what’s on your mind (e.g., a problem or new opportunity), in your heart (e.g., a difficult relationship), or on your calendar (e.g., a major upcoming meeting, project, or presentation) as it relates to the pursuit of your goals.

    5. Determine if more input is needed

      Sometimes we find that you need to know more – about yourself (through an assessment such as DiSC or Myers-Briggs), or about how others see you (through 360 evaluations and/or interviews I conduct with your manager, colleagues, and team members).

    6. Create your action plan

      Think of it as a playbook. We work together to identify your key activities and deadlines, complete with an accountability structure. Every action plan is customized to the individual and his/her unique situation.

    7. Celebrate your success

      We track and recognize your progress and milestones along the way, learning from and building on them.


“Being at the midpoint of my career, Amy helped me realized that I only halfway knew myself. Her direct questions, honest insights, and depth of corporate experiences helped me better understand myself and, ultimately, improve my performance and advance my career. Her coaching transcends industries, job categories, and career stages. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is looking to take a next step, make a meaningful change, or determine a successful path forward”

Dan, Investment Professional