“The secret of getting
ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain, Author

If you’re looking for one-on-one focus, individual coaching is the way to go. Whether you work at a company and would like to engage me as a consultant for your employee(s)… or you’re interested in partnering with a coach independently, there are a number of ways to set up executive coaching arrangements. Here’s a look at coaching topics, who I coach, and scheduling and cost.

Coaching Topics
Who I Coach
Scheduling & Cost

Coaching Topics

I coach business people through all phases of the career cycle. I understand:

The Opportunities: Exciting projects, big promotions, kick-ass new business wins, gulp-worthy raises, new jobs, awesome clients, awe-inspiring colleagues, high-performing teams.

The Challenges: Fear of change, (I call this disease FOC), tough bosses, tight budgets, heartbreaking business losses, promotion pass-overs, direct report performance problems, resistant teams, overloaded calendars, difficult colleagues, self-doubt, burnout.

The Questions: What’s my career plan? What’s next? What’s my real purpose? How can I live out my dreams? Should I make a job change – and to what? Am I brave enough to make the jump?

I’ve experienced nearly all of these myself and have an in-the-trenches view of what it takes to succeed, fail, bounce back – on the job and within yourself.

Who I Coach

My ideal client is someone I can relate to and honestly say: “I’ve been there. I get it.” That’s not because what worked for me will work for you. It’s because I believe our shared understanding gives us common ground from which to build a trusting relationship that better helps you discover your own right answers.

Business People

I coach executives and business people who are juggling the realities of their careers and lives – and striving to achieve something better or different.
A few examples include: a promotion, meeting/beating your numbers, stress management, more work/life balance, politics, greater self-confidence, improved leadership skills, increased self-awareness, better conflict resolution, enhanced relationships, etc.

PR & Marketing Pros

Given my background in communications, PR, and marketing, I know firsthand what it’s like to work – and thrive – in this industry. I’ve handled the lack of understanding from senior leaders and other disciplines, faced the what-feels-like-uphill battle of getting approval for new ideas and staff, dealt with legal restraints, weighed agency vs. corporate positions, managed the demands of senior-level execs and a 24/7 news cycle, and more.

Working Women

Whether you believe in leaning in or leaning out, I believe business women bring to bear special talents and face unique challenges. Being one myself, I applaud the way we help each other, lead with authenticity, and never cease working toward balance in work/life. I also understand our challenges and opportunities in the workplace – and within ourselves.

Scheduling & Cost

My coaching packages are reasonably priced at a monthly (not hourly) rate that offers my clients unlimited contact – covering as many scheduled coaching sessions and additional exchanges (via email, text, brief call) as desired each month.

As for the scheduled coaching sessions, we typically meet by phone, FaceTime/Skype, or in-person on a weekly or biweekly basis for 45 to 60 minutes per session. You choose the frequency and timing that feels right to you – and it may change as our engagement evolves. We can schedule standing appointments or calendar them session-to-session if you need more flexibility.

Just as coaching is customized, so is the pricing. I offer pricing packages to suit both individuals and corporations. I also extend discounts for extended engagements and multiple corporate clients. Other factors influencing pricing include: type of engagement, career stage, coaching topic, level of support needed, etc. Please reach out so we can determine what pricing fits your needs.

“I wanted to hire a coach for a while, but never knew where to start or when I’d find time to fit it in. Enter Amy and Brightways. First and foremost, she’s been there and she gets it. Amy fosters self-discovery by listening deeply and asking insightful questions. Our time together has helped me make progress on both closer-in and farther-out goals. Amy’s coaching has been a wise investment, and one I regularly recommend to others.”

Catherine, Director-External Relations