“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw, Playwright

No matter what the topic – employee benefits, wellness programs, total rewards, retirement planning, executive compensation, or learning and development – there are more demands on HR communications than ever before.

It addition to delivering on what some might now view as table stakes (i.e., factual material and legal requirements), HR communications must be compelling – compelling in a way that cuts through the clutter and grabs employees’ attention with heart, humor, and relevance.

To do so, today’s HR communication must:

  • Be inextricably tied to the company’s business strategy and rooted in the organization’s culture and core values.
  • Come from the employees’ point of view, not HR’s.
  • Focus on the end value delivered, not just the program or process.
  • Work hand-in- hand with change management on near-term and long-term evolutions.
  • Tell a human story that evokes genuine emotion.
  • Use modern tactics and communication channels, like video, social, and digital.
  • Include measurements that gauge adoption, attitude, engagement, and behavior change.

With decades of experience in this arena, I can work collaboratively across departments, consultants, and agencies to lead, think, or execute with you in the following areas:

Strategic communications planning
Employee engagement
Change management
HR and employment branding

Program launches, changes, improvements, or routine announcements about:

  • Compensation (including new overtime laws)
  • Total rewards
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Leadership development
  • Downsizings (involuntary or voluntary)
  • Benefits
  • Retirement (pension, 401(k))
  • Learning and development

What’s Your HR Brand?

Some of today’s most forward-thinking companies are applying internal branding to their HR programs. This type of strategic approach provides a message, look, and feel that makes communications more effective and, importantly, offers maximum credibility to HR programs and teams.