“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw, Playwright

Over the course of my career, I’ve written and reviewed hundreds of communications plans. I understand what it takes to knit together the right research, insights, strategies, key messages, creative, tactics, and measurement to achieve your company’s goals.

It all starts by developing the right communications strategy, which we land on by asking the right questions. For example: Who are you talking to and why? What do you want to achieve? What challenges need to be addressed? Whose support do you need? What’s the tie to your business strategy? What has worked/failed in the past? Etc.

My approach to communications planning is flexible. One option is for me to write the plan and hand it over for you and your team to execute. Alternatively, I offer start-to-finish planning where I write the plan and actually do the work it requires. And there are “in between” options, too. I want to design the approach that is right for you and your organization.


“Amy is the best communication professional I have ever worked with. She handles herself with poise, tenacity, and action. She brings a business-savvy approach to strategic communications that positively engenders confidence with the board of directors, executive management, and employees. Besides being a great professional, she is also a great evaluator, sponsor, and mentor of communications talent.”

Eric, President & CEO
St. Louis