“In my heart of hearts,
I am a business person,
and a people person.”

Amy Calvin

Research from the Society for Human Resource Management indicates job satisfaction is at its highest level in a decade. That’s good, right? Well, I’d say, as long as this doesn’t happen…

  • Satisfaction can lead to comfort, which morphs into complacency. And when surprises happen (which they inevitably do), you have to suddenly start playing defense with your job, let alone your career.
  • You get partway through your career and look back wondering: How did I get here? Why didn’t I do X, Y, or Z? You’re filled with coulda, shoulda, wouldas and unclear on how to move forward.
  • What if you’re bored? Burned out? Miserable? Feel trapped – by a bad boss, money, dysfunctional culture?

Career coaching at BrightWays can make the difference – in these situations and in proactive career planning.

We work together to help you understand yourself, where you are in your career and life, what’s missing, your dreams, your gifts, your options, and, importantly, where you want to head. We work together on a career plan that empowers you to take control of your career.

Career coaching services include topics such as:

Individual assessments
Career planning
Career goals
Career journaling
Competitive negotiating

Skill-building plans
Decision-making tools
Change management
Resume building
LinkedIn profiles

Personal branding
Marketing yourself
Networking tools
Interview techniques

“Amy helped me through a huge career change as I sought new opportunities. Her background in communications, HR, and management were critical in helping me approach this change strategically. Amy’s coaching provided me with a level of self-realization that could not have been accomplished through conversations with a mentor or friends.”

Marissa, PR Professional
Tampa Bay