I help individuals and organizations strengthen their performance “from the inside out” through executive coaching and strategic internal communications. As a credentialed coach with more than 20 years of integrated communications, senior-level leadership, and blue-chip consulting experience, I can help you face and embrace change, unlock potential, organize solutions, shift attitudes, affect behavior, and drive results. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me for an exploratory, no-pressure chat.

Amy Calvin, Principal


Take Charge of Your Career

If you work full-time from age 22 to 65, you will spend 82,560 hours on the job. Are you making the most of that time by intentionally planning and managing your career? Whether it’s building on the job you have … advancing to a different one … or finding a completely new path, BrightWays’ career coaching can help you take charge of your career to create a better life. Contact Amy today to start exploring the options.